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Katie is a mom, a grandma, a teacher, a lover of life, a coach, but mostly a woman who has learned from many life experiences. She's been married and divorced, birthed children and launched them, had a career and retired, lived overseas and in the states, lived in poverty and experienced financial abundance, had cancer, survived, experienced trauma and recovered to flourish, lived life depressed and full of joy and wonder.


Katie is uniquely qualified to help

women in transition.

You don't have to do this alone

Allow me to help you on your life journey by sharing mine.....

We are all born perfect beings. But right from the first breath we are reliant on others to ensure our survival. Our experiences combined with our innate personalities, lay the foundation for how we respond to different situations throughout our lives. Many responses learned as youngsters continue into adulthood as subconscious habits.  If we decide challenge our choices we can move forward to more life affirming decisions.

Coaching with Katie offers a safe positive space to learn to recognize these patterns and make different choices.

Make the rest of your life the best life possible....It's Your Turn. 


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"Katie really helped me see all the positive attributes within me and that gave me the confidence I needed to move on and push forward to bigger and better.   I would recommend Katie in a heartbeat, she is a great listener, caring and truly "coaches" you to be
the best version of yourself."

 - Stephanie M.


  • Heart Based Coaching, 2021, Life Coach

  • Long Island University, 1994, MS Bilingual Ed.

  • Indiana University, 1985, BA Anthropolgy

  • Phi Beta Kappa

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